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Fuck i’m crying now

So my mother was up to her usual shit; calling me useless and entitled. Saying that I’m no longer allowed in the bathroom with a shower and I need to clean the other one by noon tomorrow morning or else keep in mind it hasn’t worked in 3 years.

I was hiding in my bedroom while my parents argued over who’s fault I was when my sister came in. She walked up to me and opened up her fist revealing a rainbow popsicle ‘best friends’ necklace. She thrust it into my hand and whispered that she wanted me to have it. 

"because it’s a popsicle?" I asked

"no silly because it’s a rainbow. I know- I mean- I thought you’d like it." 

She then winked and told me that I no longer needed to worry about cleaning the bathroom because she had spent the past hour doing it for me. 

This seems so petty and small until you realize that for the past two years my parents have been doing their darnest to get rid of me. My sister will admit that I’ve always been the scapegoat but since I came out it seems their attacks are more pointed. 

My sister is 11. She has grown up in a homophobic home and listened to my parents bitch about “those damn gays” her entire life. A couple months ago I came out to her and told her the reason our parents have been threatening to kick me out or send me away. I explained that sometimes gay girls and gay boys are even beaten up by people, just because of who they love. 

I cannot express how much her support means to me; perhaps I am not the one who’s wrong. If an 11 year old who has been taught nothing but hate, perhaps there is hope for the future. 

If you dont fucking reblog this I hope you get thrown off a cliff into a pool of fucking legos.


Anonymous asked:

If you had to pick one major thing/ event about the MGS storyline to change what would it be and how would you change it


Admin 1: I’d friggin’ make Gray Fox survive MGS1. I know, I know, his death was important, but who didn’t love that guy?

Admin 2: The end of Ground Zeroes. I love where the games being taken, but part of me is scared to see it all go down the dark road. Not sure how I would change it, but yeah…

thecomradesivelost asked:

What does the admins think of the iDroid iPhone case? Do you think it'll later be on non-iPhones? It looks really awesome to have.


It looks pretty awesome! And we sure hope it will be available for other phones in the future.

If someone sees us with it and asks about it, natural response will probably be, “Do you have a moment to talk about our one-eyed savior, Big Boss?”

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